Registration guidelines and information for people aspiring for the right job (i.e., the job that fits them most):
It should be understood that the following services are TOTALLY FREE for all individuals who register in Qu RECRUITS, however these test reports will not mailed to you but will be shared with our client companies for possible placement with them. In order to make sure that the right job more or less lands in your lap, you need to complete the following steps:

1. Log in to our website, click on Qu RECRUITS on the menu, go to the log-in page and fill up the job specifications form on line. The form is self-explanatory and easy to fill. If you need help, click on the list of sample specifications and select the job/ role specification which is closest to your requirement. The job specification for a role has to be filled in only once for a role/job and not every time you recruit. You may update the specification whenever you feel the need to change any parameter.

2. You will then get online access to a psychometric test battery which will take approximately three and a half hours to complete. This is a very critical step since the results of this test indicate which type of job is the most suitable for you as an individual. Based on the indicated job suitability, the system automatically suggests your name to industries and institutions which have matching job openings. For the test, you may select a language that you are most comfortable with (out of the available list) and a second language in which you need the translation in case you are not clear about the meaning of a particular question or word.

3. It is not compulsory to complete answering the entire test battery in one sitting; you can take breaks, but you should complete within a week (24 x 7 hours) from the time you answer the first question. If for some reason you are unable to complete within a week, you can start all over again later with the same user id and password. Of course, it is only when you do the complete test that your name will enter the job placement data base.

4. The test information about you will be stored in our data base so that it can be used to match your traits with the job requirements of industries and institutions that approach us for their manpower needs. You and the relevant companies/ institutions will be intimated so that you can be in direct touch with each other. At this stage, our role will be over.

5. We do not give any guarantee for employment.

Registration guidelines for companies, industries and institutions who want to get the right people – PSYCHOMETRICALLY TESTED PEOPLE – for the right jobs.

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