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Why Qu Test®?

Qu Test® builds on your strengths, not weaknesses. It is more than just a career test. It helps shape personality and remove blocks that can come in the way of success.

95+% accuracy in over 350,000 users
in 50 years

Unlike tests that focus primarily on IQ, we focus extensively on:

  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Comprehension
  • Social skills
  • Aptitudes in science/humanities
  • Non-academic aptitudes
  • What you want from your career
  • What you want from life
  • How you want to live your life

We measure over 55 key parameters in an individual

We have found from our research that these 55 parameters are needed for success in any career.

Some of these parameters are needed in High, Medium or Low quantum to make a given career successful.

We have currently 250 careers/designations with the required 55 parameters to make each of these careers successful.

Our measurement of these 55 parameters is psychometric.

Our psychometric tests cannot be manipulated.

The answers of the candidate are the only input to our systems that picks the most suitable careers/designations for the candidate.

Our intelligent software in the cloud measures the 55 parameters, compares them with the parameters required for each one of these 250 careers/designations.

The software then arranges them in the descending order of fit between the careers/designations.

The test can be administered manually or online.

There is no preparation needed for appearing for this test.

Thus, our career guidance eliminates confusion that is natural in the minds of parents, school and student himself/herself and gives an immaculate clarity and builds a consensus in all people involved.

  • One-on-One Consultation

    One on one chat to help you and your parents further understand your unique set of aptitudes and personality. And to help you effectively deploy your talent and shape your personality to be happier and more successful.

Start Qu Test®

How it works?

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  • 1

    Select plan

    Sign up and get started. We offer a student plan that includes the assessment and one-on-one consultation. For others, we offer a test only plan in addition to this.

  • 2

    Complete assessment

    This can be taken by your employees online or at one of our test centres. It takes 3.5 hours and requires no preparation. Available in 7 languages!

  • 3

    Get your report

    We email you a detailed report that talks about your top career options and your personality. See how you rate on different parameters!

  • 4

    Schedule one-on-one

    We recommend a one-on-one consultation that helps you to learn ways to implement the findings of the report.

Who should take up Qu Test®?

Read real life success stories

Anita is in high school.

Her dad thinks she should become a doctor but she is not sure where to go next.

Tom just finished his Economics degree.

He is looking for a job and not sure if he should do equity research or work for a TV news channel.

Architect Lila dreams of a finance career.

She keeps thinking in numbers and follows the stock markets when she should be designing buildings.

Vik has just not been getting promoted.

He has been in the same role for years while all his colleagues have been moving up. He has no idea why.

Tina is 60 and has time on her hand.

Her kids have moved out and she wants to do something useful, maybe teach or start a serious hobby.

We offer career guidance services for schools and other institutions also. Contact us to learn more.

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