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It all starts with your employee.
How well do you know your people?

People, the most critical and valued of all your assets.
How carefully and objectively do you recruit them?
Do you monitor whether you have assigned the most
appropriate tasks to them?

  • Why are people with strong resumes sometimes not successful at work?
  • Is there any way to forecast an employee's behaviour in different situations and environments?
  • How objective and fair is your recruitment and evaluation process?
  • How sure are you about the quality of your existing people, and the ones that you recruit?
  • Will the performance in the interview be significantly different from subsequent performance on the job?
  • Has the interviewer's personality interfered with the evaluation of the candidate?

Our recruiting experience in over 35 years reveals that there is often a dramatic mismatch between a person's aptitude and his/her role in the organization. An effective double-check is what we offer, in terms of hiring/placing the right people at the right role.

Why Quest Recruitment & Placement?

Unlike psychometric tests that only focus on personality, we provide specific information about the following, helping you make the right people decisions:

  • Genetic capabilities
  • Man-management capabilities
  • Decision making capability
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Leadership style
  • Areas of improvement
  • Ability to learn and acquire skills
  • Whether he is a workaholic
  • How often he is likely to change jobs
  • Willingness to learn from mistakes
  • Result orientation
  • Likely performance in interview
  • Willingness to be accountable for failures/delays
  • What the employee expects from the job to keep him motivated

We have recruited and placed over 350,000 successful employees at 160 companies.

  • The most unique feature about our assessment for employees is the Orientation Analysis. Here we discover the direction in which the entire potential of the individual is going.
  • We act as a match maker between tasks and individuals to arrive at the best fit and right placement
  • We rate a person not in general terms, but in specifics. We quantify the degree of fit with different roles helping you in transfer/promotion decisions.
  • The testing, evaluation and reporting are fully automated, hence objective and consistent. To ensure absence of bias, we do not even look at resumes.
  • Our tests are a vital and ruthlessly objective second check, without interfering with your current recruitment practices.

How it works?

Learn more

  • 1

    Select plan

    Sign up and choose your plan. We have 2 options -
    (a)Candidate assessment for recruitment/placement
    (b)Assessment + one-on-one consultation

  • 2

    Complete assessment

    This can be taken by your employees online or at one of our test centres. It takes 3.5 hours and requires no preparation. Available in 12 languages!

  • 3

    Get your report

    We email you 3 reports -
    (1) detailed employee description - parameter by parameter, for specific tasks
    (2) Self-improvement report
    (3) Specific training requirement

  • 4

    Schedule one-on-one

    Optional. We recommend a one-on-one consultation with each employee to implement the findings of the report and improve productivity

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