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Identifying a diamond in the rough

Rahul was a 10th standard student who was hyperactive, hated the education system and was unwilling to study. His parents brought him to us for our career test.

Bubbling with impatience, Rahul began to randomly tick answers in order to complete the test in the shortest possible time. It was quite clear that he did not believe in this process. Understanding the simmering restlessness in the boy, we coaxed him to slow down his pace of answering questions and we took care to ensure that he understood the questions before he answered them. He needed three sittings to complete the test, something that other students complete in just one sitting.

Based on the test scores, we suggested that Rahul should take up a career in the jewellery industry, preferably in the design and manufacturing of diamonds. This surprised his father, a chartered accountant, but he decided to follow our advice and he discussed the matter with a family friend, Mr.Arvind Jhaveri, who had a jewellery sorting business in Mumbai. Mr. Jhaveri invited Rahul to visit Mumbai during his summer vacation and undertake training at his shop. In a few weeks, Mr. Jhaveri reported to Rahul's father that his son had exceptional talent.

After that experience, nothing could stop Rahul's progress. He completed his 12th standard and headed to New York for a six-month programme in jewellery design. As expected, he stood first and then moved on to the world's best institute for diamond jewellery design in California, and did very well there too. As a matter of fact, the institute's director told Rahul that they were honoured to have him as a student and awarded him with a certificate of excellence. The director wondered whether Rahul's family had been in the diamond business for generations, and was astounded when he was informed that his father was a chartered accountant.

Rahul wrote to his father, "Had it not been for Quest Systems, I would not be where I am today."

Rahul's strength was always there. Our tests merely helped to uncover that strength and suggest a matching career that no one in his family had even dreamt of. The uncut diamond may appear like a lump of molten glass. The challenge is to uncover its inherent beauty and potential.

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