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What Happened To The Dyslexia?

A 10th standard student took up our test a few years back. Based on his strengths we suggested to the parents that they should immediately stop his schooling and let him take up drums (as a career)! The rather shocked mother said that the child had never even tried playing the drums till then.

It was a hard decision, since both the parents as well as most of the extended family had completed PhDs or were studying towards it. Eventually, the mother opened up and said that her son was dyslexic and had failed in the 10th standard thrice. We suggested that it would be better to let him experience success in an unconventional field than confront failure repeatedly. They then took the strong decision to pull the child out of school and enroll him in drumming classes. Within three months, he was as good as his instructor, and within a year he started playing professionally at a few clubs in Mumbai, earning Rs.20,000 per month (this is way back in the late 90's)! Soon thereafter he moved to Hollywood for a one-year course in music and won an award in Los Angeles. He even flew back to India to receive a National award!

And what about the dyslexia? Did it disappear? When on the wrong track, the condition seemed to matter. When this boy got on the right track, it was no longer relevant. This child's special needs tutor was immensely surprised at his dramatic positive personality changes when she met him three months into drumming, changes which only the taste of success can trigger.

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