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What fascinates the father may bore the son...

A chartered accountant with a flourishing practice in Vadodara put his son through our career guidance program. Based on his strengths we recommended electronics engineering for him. However, the parents expected their only son to take over his father's practice.

The boy had exceptional capabilities to excel in the electronics engineering field, not in chartered accountancy. He would be underutilizing his capability, and getting bored, in practice as a CA.

We left the decision to the family.

The family decided to put the son in the science stream in 11th and 12th and then in electronics engineering. He then went to the US, did a masters in electronics and was picked up by IBM, the computer giant. He is doing remarkably well at IBM and is being recognized through speedy promotions.The parents concede that they would never have dreamt of the electronics engineering option on their own.

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