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Success can be more intoxicating than drugs

A 23-year-old boy came to us with his mother for career guidance in Mumbai. He had a peculiar problem of quitting and giving up on any job he signed up for within a week of joining! He had already completed some courses in computer software. Based on his unique strengths we recommended a specific niche in the computer field.

Three months later, the boy wrote to us and thanked us profusely because he had got his dream job in the specific field that we recommended.

At the end of the letter, he mentioned that he had been addicted to drugs for some years when he met us and that he has now quit the habit.

People often ask us - how can career guidance help a person to give up something like drug addiction. I feel that all of us need some form of addiction or the other to continue to be interested in life. In the case of this boy, we pointed him towards an alternative and more rewarding addiction.

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