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The tailor's eyes open to his daughters' strengths....

We had tested a girl and guided her into an engineering career, a particularly strong fit for the unique strengths that she had.

Within two years, her parents brought their second daughter to us for career counseling. This girl's unique strengths pointed towards a career in medicine and we strongly advised her to become a doctor. The girl asked: "Sir, I am a tailor's daughter and you have advised my elder sister to become an engineer and me to become a doctor. Is it really possible?"

We went into great details to explain to the girl why we made the specific recommendations. Simply put, the elder sister had everything in her to become an engineer, and the younger one had everything in her to become a doctor.

Much of our counseling takes place in the presence of the parents. The father, the tailor, had listened in keenly throughout the session. He said: "I will do anything required to help my daughters through the careers that you are so strongly recommending. Without your counseling our family would have taken three generations to reach the level that you say that our generation can reach. You have opened our eyes."

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