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We offer our successful and result oriented training programme that brings about dramatic and real change in an organization, on the job. Executives and business owners are usually shocked when they see their small, medium and large scale organizations - across industry, business and education - completely turn around with steep increases in productivity as a result of our training programme.

We offer two types of programmes:

PICKS: Training for managers

A 6-days workshop on managerial effectiveness

PICKS is an entirely original way of looking at management and business - it is a simple and practical method for becoming effective as a manager and in running a business.

Success = Resource x Strategy

When resource constraints are severe, the need for evolving and implementing the right strategy is all the more acute, in order to make up for the shortfall in resources. PICKS attempts to orient one's thinking towards evolving successful strategies, drawing lessons from simple, commonsensical and practical principles from industry, nature and energy.


To orient people's thinking towards:
Evolving successful strategy so as to get the best returns from available resources.Effective man-management. Speedy growth with minimal risk, in tune with nature & energy laws.


Lucid explanation of concept involved, step by step, with real industry case studies and use of video to drive impact. Demonstration of applicability to the company by taking up its own case with current relevant problem areas.

Results In

Sustained increase in effectiveness of management and business growth with reduced risk, immediately upon completion of the programme.


Applicable for all levels manager/supervisory upwards to the Board, across all functions of business/industry.

PEGS: Training for non-managers

A 4-days workshop on Personal Effectiveness and Growth Strategy

The thrust of PEGS is on positive attitudinal development and in helping to create efficient reinforcement centers for the sustenance of the changed attitudes and behavior. Our experiences in different organizations reveal that most employees do not lack skills, aptitude, knowledge or goal orientation. It is their attitudes that influences the work outcome, which is nurtured and perpetuated by peer pressure.

PEGS is an experiential learning programme that creates self motivated and postively tuned people, channels untapped potential into creative and productive activities, in the context of the company. In this programme, participants reflect upon their thinking, speaking and behaviour in different contexts, at home and work. They examine their reactions; diagnose the hindering aspects and contract for change to achieve excellence.

Results Achieved:

  • Programme creates a better workplace environment - that of self-motivated and positively-tuned people, it also makes way for the right climate for introduction of forums like quality circles, communication meetings and other group activities.
  • Instills insights, expands awareness of untapped potential and channels this into productive and creative activities.
  • Achieves changed perception and attitudes in majority of participants. Increases openness at all levels, hence reduces tension. Warring factions come together, building a higher sense of belonging for all participants.
  • Removes rigid attitudes. Aggressive participants mellow down and learn to deal with anger effectively. Submissive employees open up and contribute better.
  • Employees start solving complex problems at the shop floor, unleashing their creative potential by offering a number of alternatives.

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