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    Sign up, select your plan and nominate candidates

    • Sign up by clicking here, and get your organization log in details via email
    • Once you get this email, log in to nominate candidates for assessment by filling out a simple form
    • We then share log in credentials for individual candidates who can use this to take the test
    • We offer two plans -
      • Candidate assessment for recruitment/placement.
      • Assessment + one-on-one counsultation for improving employee performance
    Qu Test® One-on-one
    Rs.2500 + 18% GST = 2950/- Rs.5500 + 18% GST = 6490/-
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    Make payment and get employees to complete test

    • Qu Test® can be done online, or at our test centres in India at
      Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai or Vadodara.
    • This does not require any preparation
    • Total test duration is 3.5 hours and should be completed within a maximum of 7 days
    • Employees can take any number of breaks between divs and log in later to continue
    • Assessment available in the following languages:
      • Online: English, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati
      • At our assessment centres: All of the above and Bengali, Kannada, Telugu

    Payment Options:

    (a) Online

    We accept most
    debit/credit cards on
    our website

    (b) Transfer amount to our bank account*

    Quest Systems Pvt Ltd.
    Bank Name : State Bank of India (Chennai)
    Account Number: 30704991952
    Branch Name : Valmiki Nagar
    Branch Code: SBIN0011721

    c) Mail a cheque to*

    Quest Systems Pvt Ltd.
    9D/6, 2nd Seaward Road
    Valmiki Nagar
    Chennai - 600 041

    *Please email us at with your payment details, and we'll keep a look out!

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    Get your report

    • We will email you three reports: a detailed report that describes the person, parameter by parameter, for specific tasks, a self-improvement report to be implemented by the person so that his effectiveness improves significantly, and a training report that lists the specific training inputs that the person may need.
    • You will get this within 2 business days after your payment is received.
    • We are always available for any questions or clarifications on the report.
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    Schedule your employee's one-on-one consultation

    • A one-on-one consultation builds a sense of belonging to the organisation and it is of great value to the employee both on the personal as well as the official fronts.
    • Consultation is done over Skype or at our offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai or Vadodara and takes between 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

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