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Management Consultancy cum implementation Package:

Do you have the need for our kind of management consultancy -cum- implementation Package? You need it only:

If you face any of these problems:

* If you have to manage multiple factories, offices and locations, and manage all of them like a well-oiled machine, though you may be stationed in one place - like say in Head Quarters.

* If you want to make one of your units as a model unit for effective management and then replicate it in several places, and if you want to evolve deliverables and KPI's for other units from this model unit.

* If you have to run several similar units, all very effectively, where there is a good amount of repeatability of operations, without your having a nagging fear that something may be already be going wrong or may in future go wrong -something very different from what you have envisioned.

* If you want to transplant an effective culture that you have created so assiduously to your several units.

* If you want to ensure that the unique culture you have created is not tampered with, though you are only having a remote control over many units and locations that are geographically spread out.

* If you are planning to replicate your one unit/offices and want to ensure that the one unit you have currently is managed effectively before replicating it.

Our Methodology

* We will do intense work in one location chosen by you, along with your team in that location, establishing things required to manage this experimental unit very effectively.

* We will establish a total business management system that will be reproducible across other units of your organization. We will also ensure that apart from other systems of management, the organizational culture also will be reproducible in several locations.

* We will operate in such a way that we will not perpetuate ourselves in the routine management of the unit/s. From the second unit onwards our involvement will only be in areas requested by you, and, as external auditors of the total business management system installed in various units of your organization.

* We will demonstrate to you the continuous improvements in this unit over a period of time. If you have already established KPI's and ratios of any kind for the unit that we first work in, you will be able to see the improvements in the vital few KPI's and deliverables, among them.

* We will also establish systems to oversee effectively this one unit experimentally, and then, any number of units in which you replicate the experimental unit, remotely from HQ, with very minimum involvement from HQ and with audit systems that will ensure a firm grip on vital aspects of managing any unit. One side effect of our intervention will be substantially thin middle and top, (particularly) HQ, management team.

* Our intervention will ensure that the multiple units of the organization run very effectively, the effectiveness culture of the organization as a whole is maintained in all units of the organization.

Why Quest Systems as consultants-cum-implementation specialists?

* We have done this job very effectively in Sayaji Hotels Ltd., (Baroda, Indore, Poona) Barbeque Nation chain of restaurants (so far 33 of them, spread across the country) and Gemini Graphics Pvt. Ltd. at Bidar.

* We have with us the expertise required to manage any one unit or multiple units effectively. This expertise consists of skill sets, tools, systems- computerized and otherwise-and original intellectual products that are largely not available with any one else.

* We do not simply suggest changes during our consultancy but become part of the implementation team so that results are actually produced on the ground, for all to see, inculcate and measure.

* We will come out with the vital few deliverables and KPI's that can be seen to improve continuously and can become the norm for all other units. We will remove the trivial many, not so relevant KPI's, thus focusing the organization towards effectiveness.

* We have the unique expertise to create and modify the culture of any organization - which is responsible for actual production of results, in a surprisingly short time. The culture we create will be a positive one without politics and groups as we have techniques to make these completely ineffective.

* We do minimum paper work as consultants and we maximize implementation of what is agreed between us to implement.

* We do things with our eyes firmly fixed on the end-result for the customers of the organization and the organization and, in the process, may or may not agree with the current CEO or top managers. We play a very constructive devil's advocate role to the management of the company, particularly to the top management of the company and institute /change systems and policies that produce effective results.

* We bring to SME's multinational skill of management without the accompanying overhead.

* We do not undertake this implementation of this management consultancy-cum-implementation Package in more than three companies simultaneously. This is because our consultancy involves high inputs and efforts from our end also. We hardly give any written reports but work with your people and get the entire thing implemented along with them. So when we leave, your people are enabled to carry on the same positive environment and systems.

* One of our core values is we do not undertake implementation of this package for your direct competitors, i.e., doing the identical business as you do once you become our customer for at least two years after our assignment with you is over.

* Our customer's ay we give much more value to them than we charge them. We are committed to the end-results being achieved in the organization. We do not bother about the time we spend on this mission of ours.

* The sequence in which we will attempt may change from company situation to company situation but generally the approach will be one of tuning people from top to bottom and then introducing the minimum necessary changes to make the organization effective with practically the same resources.

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